Accelerometer - LIS2DH - impact recognition and logging?

userHead Gianluca.Perusini 2023-01-10 03:57:55 116 Views1 Replies

I have recently bought a Gravity: I2C Triple Axis Accelerometer - LIS2DH. I intend to use it to sense the vibrations on an arm when playing tennis. 

- How can I effectively log the data? (200+ shots)- Is there a way I can only record data for an amount of time after an impact is detected (tennis ball hitting the strings)? 
2023-02-20 17:10:19


I personally suggest you write a program on your PC, which receive the data from the serial port and save it in a text doc. So that you can log your data.


For your second requirement, you can set a threshold that will only be triggered if the tennis ball hits the strings. Then, your software can start recording data for some time and wait for the next hit.

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