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hello everybody


i have a problem with installing the Smart_Cooling_Hat_For_Raspberry_Pi_4B. Im folowing the instructions but im running in to some issues.


joost@raspberrypi:~/temp_control/temp_control $ gcc -o fan fan.c –lwiringPi
gcc: error: –lwiringPi: Bestand of map bestaat niet
joost@raspberrypi:~/temp_control/temp_control $ ls
fan  oled_fonts.h  rgb_effect.c   ssd1306_i2c.h          temp_control.c
fan.c    rgb           rgb_temp       start_1.desktop  temp_control
fan_temp    oled          rgb.c         rgb_temp.c       temp_control_1
fan_temp.c  oled.c        rgb_effect    ssd1306_i2c.c  start.desktop    temp_control_1.c
joost@raspberrypi:~/temp_control/temp_control $ ./fan
-bash: ./fan: Toegang geweigerd
joost@raspberrypi:~/temp_control/temp_control $ sudo ./fan
sudo: ./fan: opdracht niet gevonden
joost@raspberrypi:~/temp_control/temp_control $


its in dutch sorry for that but you can put it in translate and maybe help me with this otherwise i wil send the packege back to get my money back hahah. please help me with this.

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joost@raspberrypi:~/temp_control/temp_control $ gcc -o fan fan.c –lwiringPigcc: error: –lwiringPi: Bestand of map bestaat niet


Pls try to install the wiringPi.

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