Case with monitor/touch screen

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Hello everyone. Just wondering if anyone has seen a case that will hold the Lattepanda 3 delta and a touch screen monitor in a single case. It doesn't need to open and close or anything fancy. I've seen some homebrew ones but I don't have the skills or 3d printer to make anything like it. I'm looking for anythign between 10" and 15" for the screen.

2023-05-23 18:18:25

Here you will find some 3D models of Lattepanda display case:

userHeadPic bidrohini.bidrohini
2023-05-23 15:54:04


I browsed through the web and the only larger cases I found were these ( ) . Not sure if it fits your need, but you could always get a separate casing for the screen and bind the two cases together. 

I hope this would help.

userHeadPic xingzhao.zhu