Connect Huskylens camera to Jetson Nano 2GB

userHead mgg239 2023-01-31 03:05:19 868 Views2 Replies



I would like to know if it is possible to connect the Huskylens camera to the Jetson Nano 2GB board. I can't find information on how to do it. 






2024-04-11 19:04:11

You can connect and use Huskylens with Jetson Nano! Also, you can use Python to control (read/write). The is 40-Pin Header (J6) which supports for example I2C and UART available on the Jetson Nano (

userHeadPic Lupin
2023-02-20 12:00:57


Sorry, Huskylens do not officially support Jetson Nano. We can not ensure their compatibility.

We also do not have the library for it. I suggest you use another MCU.


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