SEN0486 barcode set up

userHead Max.Madaf 2023-02-07 18:10:41 917 Views8 Replies

How would I set up the SEN0486 to scan a barcode, I can't find any resources online.

2024-03-03 21:20:08

Same here. 

Both sample codes not working for me on my esp32 

no recognition from the qr code scanner

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Raj.Kunwor wrote:


Can you post your code, compilation error (if it happened), and output (serial or I2C) here?

2024-03-04 04:21:23
see.hadf wrote:


thanks for the quick response.


no compiling error - both example codes work in pio.

Use Pin 16 and 17 for TX/RX on a ESP32 Lora 1.3

#define FPSerial Serial1 //also with HardwareSerial

Serial1.begin(9600, SERIAL_8N1, /*rx =*/16, /*tx =*/17);


and for I2C 21 and 22.

No output on any interface. 


Should be indication light work without pinning the rx/tx pin?
Because on a 3.3v power supply the led is breathing but no indication of recorgnize code.



2024-03-05 20:13:44
see.hadf wrote:

@Raj.Kunwor any update on that?

2024-04-11 15:51:46
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2024-03-03 21:19:26

Have the same issue with a esp32. UART and I2C not showing up and the led just breathing.

Any further assistance ?



userHeadPic see.hadf
2023-06-25 13:37:39

What board are you using? Please note that the wiring of the sensor needs to correspond to that of the selector switch.

userHeadPic jenna
2023-06-22 04:46:32

No…they are not working.  My device just changes colors and never reads any barcode of any type.

userHeadPic CharlesGiddens
2023-02-08 22:10:50

Are the sample codes not working?

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