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I  missed by one day to respond to DFRobot email regarding the survey about product feedback.  So I summarize my feedback about Huskelylens:

1- It is a wonderful product with amazing capabilities, but needs some improvement on the software and hardware sides

2- Since wiki and the forum are the only source for information, DFRobot should monitor and update that by adding to the content or responding to questions.  I am glad that I saw some movements in that regard.

3- By definition neural network is a continuous learning model.  So the software  should enable the user to save the model on SD and later on to export it back and further train it.

4-Currently traing the model is achieved by ushing a small button and holding it. when you want to experiment with multiple objects it is not convenient.  It would be nice if the product to have a separate wire for the user to attach to his/her own button.  I know there is a automatic software command for Micro:bit and Arduino.  I tried with arduino it worked with single ID but it would be nice to give example in wiki how that can be done with multiple IDs.



2023-02-24 02:12:01

Thank you.  I am very excited about your fast response.

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2023-02-23 07:41:17

Wow, Thanks for your advice. Really appreciate it.   


We will release more tutorials for further reference. 


BTW, there are some huskylens projects to check them out.

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