FireBeetle ESP32-E Boot Mode

userHead MonkerZ 2023-03-15 08:54:27 2494 Views6 Replies

I feel as if I am pretty tech-savvy, but after days and days of learning about this device, I have rethought it. I think I spent 12 full hours trying to get this device into boot mode. I am trying to flash my device. I can never activate download mode. So how does one get into boot mode with this device?


Is Button 27 the boot mode?


Here is the error I get:


"C:\Program Files (x86)\Thonny\python.exe" -u -m esptool --port COM3 erase_flash v4.4
Serial port COM3

A fatal error occurred: Failed to connect to Espressif device: Wrong boot mode detected (0x13)! The chip needs to be in download mode.
For troubleshooting steps visit:

Erase command returned with error code 2


If I hold the button, it will flash red, green, and then blue. I have tried hundreds of methods on how long to hold, press the reset button, and I have tried everything.


Any help would really put my brain to rest.

2023-04-02 01:16:14

IT WORKS. I did it correct i think it just wasnt connected. 

userHeadPic juli.iiian
2023-04-02 01:12:09

I am sitting here since 2.5 hours and its still not working. I tried everything you did, but it does not work. So you just connected GPIO 0 with GND ( Pin 0 colored orange in the image) it does not work. Do I need to press anything with that?

userHeadPic juli.iiian
2023-03-15 14:16:31

To enter the downloading mode of FireBeetle 2 ESP32-E IoT Microcontroller(SKU:DFR0654), GPIO 0 and 12 should be low with GPIO 15 equal to high.

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MonkerZ wrote:

So I need to ground out GPIO 0 or 12, or do they both need to be grounded at the same time? 

2023-03-15 18:22:12
NeloKin wrote:

Both of them, according to the datasheet.

2023-03-16 14:22:19
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2023-03-15 09:38:29

So I post this and 5 minutes later finally found a post saying to link GPIO 0 to Ground and it will enter boot mode. It seemed to work. Is this really the way to do this?

userHeadPic MonkerZ