How to know which I2C adress to use when using MICS 4514

userHead senru.est 2023-03-18 17:16:39 764 Views1 Replies


It is indicated on the sample 1 code of this guide on using MICS 4514 that we need to “select I2C address” when using I2C device. However it is not indicated how to know which address to use. Can anyone here guide me on this? setting up the MICS 4514 on micro python for ESP32?

2023-04-02 14:33:32 The I2C address defaults to 0x78, corresponding to the ADDRESS_3 in the code. If you need to modify the I2C address, you can first configure the hardware I2C address via the dial-up switch on the module, and modify the definition ADDRESS_X of the I2C address in the sample code. The correspondence between the dial switch and the I2C address parameter is as follows:ADDRESS_0:0x75, A0=0, A1=0(Default Address)ADDRESS_1:0x76, A0=1, A1=0ADDRESS_2:0x77, A0=0, A1=1ADDRESS_3:0x78, A0=1, A1=1 userHeadPic Xiao