rangefinder sensor with SKU0366 is sensitive to noise in airport environments.?

userHead galihsukmaadjie 2023-03-23 18:41:09 371 Views2 Replies

is the rangefinder sensor with SKU0366 sensitive to high noise, like in an airport environment.? 

2023-05-14 17:16:14

It's not clear exactly which sensor you are talking about. If you are referring to this one:


It does not look like it has anything to do with noise. 

userHeadPic bidrohini.bidrohini
2023-05-10 19:36:12

Sorry the DFRobot donot have the SKU0366 sensor. We found the SEN0366 but it's the Infrared Laser Distance Sensor.

So maybe you wrote the product number wrong?



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