SEN0257 Water Pressure Sensor Service Life

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What is the meaning of “Service Life: ≥10’000’000 times (10 million)” ? Can you give me example to understand it? Thanks

2023-04-01 14:24:17

The "Service Life: ≥10’000’000 times (10 million)" specification for the Gravity Water Pressure Sensor indicates how many cycles or times the sensor can be used reliably. In this case, it means that the sensor is rated to last for at least 10 million cycles. A cycle in this context refers to a single use of the sensor, where it is exposed to water pressure and measures the resulting changes. So, the sensor is rated to last for at least 10 million uses before it starts to fail or become unreliable.

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AlanWilson wrote:

Could you please be more specific? I installed this sensor on my mains water supply pipe where the water pressure changes constantly (every second if not multiple times per second), so what kind of “single use” are you referring to, what kind of change in pressure would qualify for “single use”? is every little change in pressure a cycle or does it need to change significantly? As I mentioned I installed it on the mains water pipe almost a year ago and my raspberry reads maybe like 5 readings per second non-stop for full year. Each reading is different, maybe + or - 0.05 volts, sometimes more, which makes it more than  150 million different reading per year.

2023-09-27 02:47:19
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