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Human Presence Sensor

userHead STEFANOS.EFTHIMIOU 2023-04-01 22:15:19 504 Views1 Replies

Hi I need creating a project in Arduino for as school contest. We want to design a solution which will allow a system to decides whether A/C, Lights etc should be on based on human precense. So if there are no human in the house the selected devices A/C, Lights etc will be set to off. 


We want the system to detect people even in case they are sleeping (not moving). So motion sensors are not suitable. 

What do you suggest using?

mmWave Radar - Human Presence Detection Sensor  will work?


I need the sensors urgently!! 

2023-05-10 18:50:45

For this instance, we recommand you to use the mmWave Radar.


This sensor responds to every tiny movement.

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