Beetle ESP32-C3 battery

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Hi all,


I have bought a Beetle ESP32-C3 ( and the wiki explains that it has a built in “li-ion battery charging management”. I am hoping to get some advice of what batteries would be compatible with this as I have had some trouble finding this information and if any other hardware would be required.


Thanks so much in advance for the help.

2023-09-14 22:22:22

I bought the same board and my plan is to connect 3.7Li-ion battery to power the board and charge the battery from the USB when is empty. If you have already done this, can you please advise or share the wiring diagram

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2023-05-11 16:30:41


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2023-05-11 15:05:00

After checking the Schematic of this board, the on-board charging chip for the Beetle ESP32-C3 is the TP4057.



And I only found the Chinese datasheet for TP4057 on the Internet.


If not charging, any lithium battery will do. If charging is required, the rechargeable Li-Ion battery decomposes at 4.2V.

Here is the datasheet for your reference:


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Alexander123456 wrote:

Sorry I didn't notice a reply. I expected the forum to send an email.


Thanks for the information. I just wanted to clarify what you meant by the “battery decomposes at 4.2V”?

2023-06-09 18:16:29
jenna wrote:

“battery decomposes at 4.2V”

He means the charging voltage is 4.2V.

2023-06-27 13:50:35
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