[SEN0312] ME007YS ultrasonic sensor response time and voltage level TX pin

userHead Thamasch 2023-04-13 22:09:29 326 Views2 Replies

Do I understand correctly that I have to connect the RX pin to GND to get a response time of 100 ms? What is the voltage level of the TX pin? Can I put the pin directly on the RX pin of a Raspberry Pi Zero?
Thank you very much for your answer!

2023-04-18 11:11:22

Please try to connect the tx, rx of the sensor to the rx, tx of Raspberry Pi Zero, and check whether the serial port has normal values. If the serial port has no value, connect RX to GND before powering on. The working voltage of the sensor is 3.3-5V, which can be used with Raspberry Pi Zero.

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Thamasch wrote:

I tested it with the oscilloscope. The sensor actually works with 3.3 V as well. The data sheet only mentions 5 V. The signal level of the UART communication is also 3.3 V at 3.3 V, which is fine for the Raspberry Pi. If you connect the sensor to 5 V, the signal level at UART is at 5 V. 

2023-04-22 16:19:05
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