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Gravity: Offline Voice Recognition Sensor

userHead Stephen Mann 2023-04-21 05:51:22 1138 Views7 Replies

This looks like it would be perfect for a project I have in mind, except that 99% of the pre-configured words are useless to me. I AM NOT DESIGNING AROBOT!  My project is an escape room telephone prop and all I need is “yes”, “no”, “Hello”, and the numbers “one” through “ten”.

Why cripple the module with complex commands?  Who would EVER use “Display the number 9” in a real device? or "Turn Left 90 degrees"?

In my opinion, a complete waste for any project that is not a toy robot.


2023-07-28 08:32:39

can you change the voice

userHeadPic demo411
2023-05-24 11:22:07

What is the spec for the Speaker #2 connector?

userHeadPic S_C
jenna wrote:

ph2.0 2pin

2023-05-25 13:53:29
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2023-05-10 18:00:19

You can try using its self-learning command word feature.

userHeadPic LLL.LLL
2023-05-09 20:57:47

As someone who has actually built machines to play poetry I love that it has a “play poem” command but I get your point. More general purpose and home automation commands would be more useful to me. And the absence of “yes” and “no” is inexplicable. On the other hand wouldn't the seventeen programable slots be enough for your purposes (assuming they turn out to be reliable – brief testing leads me to think maybe  not). Also what the heck is “Enable blowing right & left”? Is that for people building sexbots?

userHeadPic Francis.Boyle
Yeez_B wrote:

After checking the Chinese wiki for the Voice Recognition sensor, I think the Enable blowing right & left means something like enable the AC or FAN sweeps left and right.

This sensor reserves a large number of smart home commands.

2023-05-10 15:46:17
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2023-04-25 15:13:31

I think most of the commands are for home automation, but you don't have to use every command.


I've set mine to stay mute by default, but if sees a command it's listening for it unmutes, plays the response, and then remutes.

userHeadPic AndrewEV