Use of FIT0701 USB CAMERA module

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I bought this Use of FIT0701 USB CAMERA module and want to use it with Raspberry pi 4. My target use is: when a GPIO of the R-pi is triggered from low to high, it can activate this camera module to take one picture. 


Do you think this is something applicable to this USB camera module? 

- if it is, do you have any examples I can refer to for my project?- if it cannot, do you have any other DFRobot products I can buy to achieve my target?Thank you! 
2023-05-10 18:35:05

You could use the fswebcam to take a photo on the Raspberry Pi.

The FIT0701 is an USB camera after all.

So you could:

1. Use the “lsusb” command to check if your USB camera was install properly.

2. And then input “ls /dev/video” to check your camera's name.

In this example, my USB camera's name is the “/dev/video0”

3. Input “sudo apt-get install fswebcam”

4. Input “fswebcam /dev/video0 image.jpg”, and then you manage to take a photo.


If you want to use python program to take a photo, here's a little demo:


import os

import sys

import re


os.system("fswebcam --no-banner -r 640x480 image.jpg")

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