dfPlayer - baud rate

userHead Account cancelled 2017-11-12 21:47:29 2004 Views2 Replies
Hello DFRobot guys.

I would like to get more info about dfPlayer baud rate settings in order to complement my Git project and give a better support to this tiny device from NodeMCU. ( and Lua scripts.
Until know I have succeed sending commands to device (and control it) using the default baud rate (9600), however NodeMCU is uses by default baud rate of 115200 which is accepted by NodeMCU users as a standard.

Checking dfPlayer's manual and wiki pages I was not able to find the command structure in order to set it to this baud rate. Can somebody point me to the correct direction?

Thank you in advance.
BTW. This little module is great! :)
2020-08-17 23:59:04 Did you find a solution for this? I also want to change the baud rate to reduce MP3 sound launch latency userHeadPic fastedtex