Offline Language Learning Voice Recognition

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can i use Offline Language Learning Voice Recognition Sensor spk2 as play any music

2023-05-11 04:38:04

It is possible to repurpose the spk2 for playing music by modifying its programming and integrating additional hardware components. This would require significant technical expertise and may not be feasible for the average user.

In terms of data annotation, this refers to the process of labeling and categorizing data to make it more usable and meaningful for machine learning applications. In the case of the spk2, data annotation( could be used to improve its voice recognition capabilities by providing it with more accurate and diverse speech samples to learn from. However, this would also require specialized knowledge and tools, and is unlikely to be a practical option for most users.

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2023-05-10 00:09:08

If you are asking the SEN0539-EN.

This recognition sensor could not play any music. It could just recognize the voice and gives you the IIC or UART feedback.


Usually you need to use the DFPlayer mini or the MP3 Voice Module to play the Music

DFPlay mini:

MP3 Voice Module:


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