SEN0539-EN DF2301Q How to send announcements.?

userHead gyrolen 2023-05-21 11:51:14 838 Views2 Replies

 How can I send an announcement such as Fixed Command # 103 “Turn on the light”.?

When I use DF2301Q.playByCMDID(103);delay(300); -nothing happens.


2023-05-23 21:24:48

An Error will occur with asr.playByCMDID(103); for me because ’asr' was not declared in this scope


You may not have noticed used DF2301Q instead of asr and I did declare as follows:


DFRobot_DF2301Q_UART DF2301Q(/*hardSerial =*/&Serial1, /*rx =*/3, /*tx =*/1);


When I use 


nothing happens, or if I use 104

userHeadPic gyrolen
2023-05-22 09:45:43

Pls try the code.


#include "DFRobot_DF2301Q.h"

#define Led 8

#if (defined(ARDUINO_AVR_UNO) || defined(ESP8266))  // 使用软串口SoftwareSerial softSerial(/*rx =*/4, /*tx =*/5);DFRobot_DF2301Q_UART asr(/*softSerial =*/&softSerial);#elif defined(ESP32)  // 使用 可重映射引脚的 硬串口 : Serial1DFRobot_DF2301Q_UART asr(/*hardSerial =*/&Serial1, /*rx =*/D3, /*tx =*/D2);#else                 // 使用硬串口 : Serial1DFRobot_DF2301Q_UART asr(/*hardSerial =*/&Serial1);#endif


void setup() { Serial.begin(115200);

 pinMode(Led, OUTPUT);    //初始化LED引脚为输出模式 digitalWrite(Led, LOW);  //LED引脚低电平

 while (!(asr.begin())) {   Serial.println("Communication with device failed, please check connection");   delay(3000); } Serial.println("Begin ok!");

 asr.settingCMD(DF2301Q_UART_MSG_CMD_SET_MUTE, 0); asr.settingCMD(DF2301Q_UART_MSG_CMD_SET_VOLUME, 7); asr.settingCMD(DF2301Q_UART_MSG_CMD_SET_WAKE_TIME, 20); asr.playByCMDID(103);

 Serial.println("play done!");}


void loop() {



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