SEN0524 ToF Sensor - I2C code

userHead Bruno.Mataloto 2023-05-31 19:08:08 152 Views1 Replies



I'm trying to use this SEN0524 ToF Sensor with i2c communication. 


I have successfully change the communication method from UART to I2C using the an adapter and the configuration tool, but there is no example code for I2C.


Would it be possible to provide  a simple code to get the distance using I2C?


Thank you very much!



2023-06-01 10:07:33

There is only a sample code for I2C for now. You can refer to the communication protocol given by the wiki to write the code yourself.

You can refer to the I2C code for this sensor, which includes ArduinoC and Python.

This is the IIC protocol for the LTR390 UV.

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