Project feasibility - Handheld Speed Measuring Device

userHead IloveGraceKelly 2023-06-02 15:22:24 415 Views0 Replies

Hi everyone,


I am currently working on creating a device that uses LIDAR to measure the speed at which a vehicle is moving. I was thinking of buying a LIDAR sensor to measure the vehicles speed and using a microcontroller to perform the logic of calculating the speed and displaying it onto an LCD screen. I know I could also use a doppler radar sensor to also to measure speed, but I want to know if this is possible with LIDAR sensors.


I was planning on using this LiDAR sensor:




I know the range and accuracy of the gun is going to be significantly worse than a commercial speed measuring device due to the LIDAR sensor. Despite this, would this project be possible to implement with the given sensors to some degree? I appreciate all the responses.