SEN0469 + SEN0466 Read sensors at the same time.

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I want to connect these 2 sensors (SEN0469, SEN0466) via i2c to the same esp32 to read the values ​​of NH3 and CO.

 I have tried to put different i2c addresses and when I connect the 2 sensors, they are blocked. They interfere. 

What would be the correct method to read more than one sensor through the same i2c port?.


Roberto Fernandez.

2023-06-06 19:04:18

I think the address selection switch shown by Jenna will solve your problem. By assigning unique addresses to each sensor and connecting them in parallel to the same I2C bus, you should be able to read the values of NH3 and CO from both sensors without interference. Just make sure to properly configure and communicate with each sensor using its unique address during I2C communication.

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2023-06-06 15:38:29 This could be a conflict caused by the same I2C address of the two sensors.  The default I2C address is 0x74. If you need to modify the I2C address, You can configure the hardware I2C address through the DIP switch on the module, or run the code to modify the address group to modify the address. The corresponding relationship between the DIP switch and the I2C address parameter is as follows:ADDRESS_0:0x74, A0=0, A1=0ADDRESS_1:0x75, A0=0, A1=1ADDRESS_2:0x76, A0=1, A1=0ADDRESS_3:0x77, A0=1, A1=1


Please note that after configuring the hardware I2C address, please power on the sensor again, in order for the settings to take effect.



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