Gravity EMG is showing random results

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Hi, I think that my device could be broken or something because it shows random results, I connected  it like this: red to 5V on Arduino, black to GND, blue to Analog 0 



I used the simplest program (only change Serial.begin to 9600 because earlier was showing trash data)


And it showed me (before calibration) this

So I set it on 1024





It's showing me only few number as if sensor was disconnected or something, I change sensor on various muscles, check many times connection and disconnected an connected again cable. What could be wrong?

2023-06-08 16:24:01
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jenna wrote:

I used the sample code from the wiki in the video I provided. I recommend you try this code.


pls check:


You can use a serial plotter to view the data.

It is recommended to check or replace the wire to rule out poor contact of the wire. You can try other analog ports. At the same time, you can also refer to the placement position of the sensor in the picture.

2023-06-09 16:49:07
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2023-06-08 16:03:14

Results from analogRead without library

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2023-06-08 16:01:04

  Results from analog read without library attached (raw readings)


muscle relaxed103102103102103103102103103103102102103102103102103102102103103103103103102102102102103muscle tense102103103102102103102103103103103102103103102103103103103103103103103no sensor connected to board000102103000491030000103103

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2023-06-08 14:03:42



Our test video:


Are you calibrated?

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valorano1345 wrote:

Yes I calibrated and still has only few results, I put everything tight with the muscle direction

2023-06-08 15:32:17
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2023-06-07 20:34:59

My mistake sorry I did not initialized analog port

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2023-06-07 17:24:25

It don't show me constant information about muscle activity and those numbers seems to be random, when I disconnected sensor from board it was also showing me random numbers

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2023-06-07 17:21:29

I used this code

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