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Dfplayer mini with arduino lcd display

userHead Bob.Jones 2023-07-02 23:38:30 331 Views1 Replies

Hi all newbie here.


I have been using the mini mp3 player for a certain item the past few years I buy like 100 at a time.

My circuit/pcb board is controlled by 2 momentary switches and a 3 way toggle switch and has been working great. I sell my item all over the world through my website and ebay and also facebook.


Here is my question would it be possible to setup the mp3 mini player with an arduino with a LCD display to show the song mp3 # and the name that is playing and maybe the length.

Im not good at writing code or would know how to do this. Is there a freeware code written for this.

My current sd card has 144 soundbytes on the card and I have set to advance or play the current soundbyte over and over or no sound with the 3 way toggle. The 2 momentary are for reverse/forward or the lower and higher the outgoing audio.


I would still need the forward and reverse option and the 3 way for advance play/lock sound to play same all the time and no sound when the mic on radio is keyed.


So looking to see if a LCD display can be added with adruino or whatever needs to be done to add LCD display. 

Dont know if it will be cost affective as now it just cost about $.70 for the module and a few switches and my pc board I designed maybe total $5.00 to produce.


Please any help much appreciated.

2023-07-03 14:38:16

I'm afraid you can't get the song name through Dfplayer Mini. The function can only get the number of songs or folders. 

Maybe you can use this product.

It can get playback time and file name. You can use it with LCD.



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