Fehler bei der Kalibrierung des TDS sensor

userHead Ingo.Specht-Gedenk 2023-07-03 23:00:41 295 Views3 Replies

when i type enter the program tells me to put the probe in the test solution, then type "cal:200". But I get a message that calibration failed. No matter how many times I try. I am using an Arduino Leonardo ETH. Please help

2024-05-11 05:04:18

Hello, I used the delete code, but unfortunately I cannot calibrate the probe with the value I have in the test solution (1012).

even if I'm working with a value of 300 or higher. I can only go up to cal:20, after that it always says >>>Confirm Failed, Try Again<<<

I don't know what to do now

userHeadPic Ingo.Specht-Gedenk
2023-07-06 16:22:32

Danke, es funktioniert nun

userHeadPic Ingo.Specht-Gedenk
2023-07-04 14:55:50

That may because there is an old data in your onboard EEPROM which lead to the failure during the calibrate.


Could you try to upload the EEPROM erase code, and then try to calibrate the sensor again?

The EEPROM erase code is under this wiki:


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