How to connect Thonny to UNIHIKER?

userHead Martin.Loder 2023-07-04 00:20:46 472 Views3 Replies



could you please show how to program UNIHIKER with Thonny.

I have already installed these packages in Thonny:

- UNIHIKER- pinpong


As Interpreter I chose "Python 3 via SSH using



user: root

pw: dfrobot


It seems to authenticate, but then I get errors








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2023-10-24 21:43:51

Any plans to update python version on unihiker soon?Our school has only latest Thonny version installed.

userHeadPic Martin.Loder
2023-07-04 18:04:28

The Thonny starts from v4. x and does not support Python below v3.8, resulting in the inability to connect to the UNIHIKER. Please use the link below to download and install Thonny v3.3.13:


If the computer still cannot connect to the UNIHIKER, please check the FAQ.



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2023-07-04 13:56:42

Hello, I manage to find the Thonny tutorial in the Chinese official Docs.


But I have translate it into English, please find the file on the Google Drive.

Please install the “” first, it's the windows install pack.

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