DFRobot Gravity: analog electrical conductivity meter V2

userHead Igortxo 2023-07-05 14:23:20 313 Views1 Replies

Good morning. A couple of days ago we received a sensor from your house (DFR0300) and when it was time to start calibrating it with the solutions indicated in the instruction manual (1413us/cm & 12.88ms/cm ) the values are not consistent. Following the steps indicated to carry out the calibration, when we introduce the probe into the 1413 us/cm solution, the indicated value is 12.88 ms/cm (approximate). On the other hand, when introducing the probe in the 12.88 ms/cm solution, the value shown is 36.50 ms/cm (approximate). All these results have been the result of the steps indicated to follow. Any help is appreciated

2023-07-06 11:33:00


what board are you using? If you choose the Arduino UNO or Mega2560, pls upload this code to erase the contents in the specified position in EEPROM. But this EEPROM code can't work well in ESP32, you can try the ADS1115 module & ESP32  to get more accurate data.


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