Can Photoelectric Water Sensor be Submerged?

userHead Dawn.Key 2023-07-07 02:28:29 265 Views2 Replies

I'm wanting a sensor to detect if my dog's water bowl is empty. The Photoelectric Water sensor (SEN0205) seems to be the most budget option for my use case. But is the sensor probe able to be submerged in water completely or no?


If not I have considered a non-contact sensor but the bowl is stainless steel so will not work. My other thought is a ultrasonic distance sensor to alert when the bowl is empty. Any other suggestions? Thanks!

2023-07-08 21:53:00

From the wiki page diagram, it does not look like a submersible sensor. Here is one I found:

The PCB of Waveshare liquid level sensor is also submersible. However, the connector is not waterproof.


userHeadPic bidrohini.bidrohini
2023-07-07 09:38:37

I think the 1KG weight sensor is more suitable for you.

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