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Is it possible to detect/measure current with SEN0211 and raspberry?

userHead Carl078 2023-07-19 14:24:48 317 Views3 Replies

I read about SEN0211. In  documentation there is no example code with raspberry. Is it possibile to use SEN0211 with raspberry? 

2023-07-20 02:08:59

In the link I posted it looks that in SEN0211 is included the sensor and also a little board. Is it possible that the board is the ADC and it is already included in SEN0211?



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Yeez_B wrote:

You could check the schematic of the little board, which DFRobot posted at the bottom of the wiki:

The board is AC signal amplifying circuit.

So the board is outputting the analog voltage after all.(And it's 0.2-2.8V DC), which means you still need an external ADC.

2023-07-20 09:17:09
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2023-07-19 14:34:39

The Raspberry donot have the Analog input Pin, so it could not directly detect the voltage which output from the current sensor.

You need to use an external ADC like this one:

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