Arduino BLE for speed control

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Need a recommendation for running a single dc 12 v motor on BT. Smartphone (not iPhone)must have vertical slider and 2 buttons for forward & reverse. Very straight forward is all I need.

What is recommended Arduino board with BT or plus BT.
Is there a script available for motor control.
What App to use

Charles Harris
2018-02-06 22:39:01 Look up HC05 Bluetooth device, can be connected to Arduino Serial and configure with AT commands.
Pair with your phone then use App Inventor to make simple app that can send data to your device.
To change direction of motor you will need two relays to swap the polarity, don't forget a DIODE for back EMF
To change speed you need a speed controller or feed drive transistor with PWM signal.
Change PWM with your slider to change speed
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2017-11-21 16:20:08 main board: Romeo BLE , it is a board with Bluetooth and motor driver.
app: the attachment is the android GoBLE, which can use android phone to control the motor
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