Beetle ESP32 C3 DFR0868 with DFPlayer Pro

userHead CoolAsLife 2023-08-16 00:05:07 131 Views1 Replies

I am trying to get the DFPlayer Pro to work with the Beetle ESP32 C3.  The DFRobot wiki page for the DFPlayer Pro only provides an example working the Arduino with the built in Software Serial library (


I get an error when compiling the example sketch (softwareserial.h not found) as the sketch is designed for Arduinos.  


Googling the issue just returns result for an ESP32 working with the older DFPlayer Mini and not the Pro version of the DFPlayer.


Could someone kindly share an example sketch of the DFPlayer Pro with an ESP32 please?



2023-08-22 15:35:08



The "softwareserial.h" cannot be used in esp32. 


This example sketch is for DFPlayer Pro and ESP32, please download it from github.



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