Use OV5640 Camera on the FireBeetle 2 ESP32-S3

userHead 2ProBro 2023-09-02 06:18:55 358 Views1 Replies

I was wondering if it is possible to use the OV5640 Camera on the FireBeetle 2 ESP32-S3.
I want to have a higher megapixel count of 5MP. 

Will this improve performance? Or will it decrease because of the higher MP?

Thank you!


2023-09-05 09:48:23

1. Please make sure that the wire order of the ESP32-C3 camera socket is same as your OV5640.

      You could find the socket specification on the wiki


      2. Please confirm that the AVDD, DVDD and DOVDD voltage of the OV5640, if it does not match the voltage of OV2640 or OV7725, then you need to use the API to adjust the voltage output by AXP313. 

      You could find the AXP313 on our Github repo 


      3. The DFRobot do not have the code for OV5640, so we could not guarantee that you will successfully drive the OV5640. 

      And another thing we want to noticed you is that it is recommend you to measure the voltage output of the camera socket that out put from the board before you connect your OV5640 to the board. In case the incompatible voltage damage your camera.

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