Offline Voice recognition SEN0539

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I have been using the VR module and have noticed a problem with the custom wake-up (start) word - I have loaded a custom wake-up keyword and the following happens:-


At first the custom wake-up phrase works 95% of the time - after around 10-12 minutes, I have to say the same custom wake-up phrase 5 to 6 times before it activates?  I have found this on 2 modules that act the same.


If I at any time use the default wake-up “hello robot” which works virtually 100% all the time - the strange thing is that after saying “hello robot” the custom wake-up phrase then works at 95% for the next 10 mins or so, then as explained above starts working about 20% recog until “hello robot” is uttered again.


Could this be a firmware bug?


Appreciate any help as I really like this module.

2024-06-05 12:17:35

I have the same problem on two modules that I have, will this be ever fixed ?

userHeadPic ApostolosN
2024-04-18 22:38:51

DFrobot, could you solve problem? with I2C arduino, after some minute, SEN0539 is in deep standby, very hard to wake :( it is more easy to restart power every 10 min…

userHeadPic loic.mimouni
2024-04-18 06:52:29

Grawitacja działa u mnie świetnie

userHeadPic wojciech.rozpara
2024-03-26 08:39:14

Having the same issue with my units.

At boot the custom wake word works flawlessly, but after about 10-15 minutes, the custom wake word doesn't work reliably anymore and stops working entirely in the end. The default “hello robot” does keep working, and “resets” that timer again.


I hope DFRobot will release a fix for this issue. Or a workaround perhaps.

userHeadPic Martijn.vaB
Martijn.vaB wrote:

I may have found a work-around.

When the sensor is connected through UART it is possible to periodically use the resetModule() function in the DFRobot_DF2101Q library. This resets the module and thus makes it respond to the custom wake word instantly again. It also resets the module to its initial state, so any volume, wake time or mute settings need to be set again.

Unfortunately this doesn't work with I2C as that subclass doesn't have a resetModule() function. Alternatively one might use a GPIO connected to the VCC (usually 5V or 3.3V, both suitable for the module) and put that to LOW and HIGH periodically to do a power based hard reset on the SEN0539.

2024-04-08 06:56:23
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2023-11-14 08:15:11

Does the custom wake word work reliably again if you power down everything and start it back up?

I don't have one to test but looking for a possible work around before ordering. The lack of a response by dfrobot to hardcore bugs and user suggestions to make their products better is disheartening.

userHeadPic Christopher.Mohr
2023-10-02 00:56:58

I hope df will solve this issue soon.

userHeadPic lia.ifat
2023-09-30 22:40:47

I note that this post never got answered (I guess its a known problem that DFRobot do not want to address?), but I know for sure now there is a serious problem with the wake-up custom phrase!


A fellow developer has had the exact same problem as me in that the custom wake-up world is only accurately heard for about 15 minutes after activation - then you are lucky if it works one in six times!


I have now purchased 3 of these units and they all have the same fault?


DFRobot produce some of the most exciting maker devices on the planet! but many have faults like this that are never seem to get addressed which is such a pity.


If this VR unit did not have this fault, then it would be amazing! - but for now, you are going to have to use the wake phrase “hello robot” if you want it to work continuously.


DFRobot team please get back to me with what's happening with this bug/fault - thanks



userHeadPic TonyEllis