DFR0556 16X2 Green LCD one black bar only

userHead rlb402 2023-09-12 02:06:10 88 Views0 Replies

I seem to have two issues with this DFR0556


First when power up to either 5v or 3.5v all I get is the top row is black and bottom row blank


using this code


import machine

i2c=machine.I2C(1,sda=sdaPIN, scl=sclPIN, freq=400000)

devices = i2c.scan()
if len(devices) == 0:
print("No i2c device !")
print('i2c devices found:',len(devices))
for device in devices:
print("At address: ",hex(device))



when doing a scan of the i2c I get

i2c devices found: 3
At address:  0x3e
At address:  0x60
At address:  0x70


I have tried address 0x27 also no go


I have tested two unit with just power and all with a Raspberry Pi Pico and getting the same results.

Are these defective or I am missing something.