Gravity Analog 20A current sensor - SEN0214 - ERROR

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I recently purchased SEN0214,


the only code i could find was from here:


however there seems to be a few errors lines 50, 53 and 54


Maybe this is i +1?


see attached photos of setup, arduino mega , connected to a small dc motor running on 12v, connected sen0214 to AO. however nothing is showing on the serial port? have reconfigured to  Serial.begin(9600);


any pointers?






2023-09-22 17:29:40

Yes you are right. The blank in the sample code is the “+”. And we have update in our wiki.

But I just noticed that you connect the positive pin to the AREF or D13?

Could you try to connect the positive pin to 5V on your Mega?

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andrew.babbage wrote:

the photo is an illusion pins are going to 5v, gnd, and A0. your updated code is now working. Thank you. Can this module SEN0214 monitor voltage as well? 

2023-10-02 14:58:28
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