Need Help with Fingerprint Scanner Interface on ESP32

userHead Alan.Scott 2023-09-20 12:49:28 380 Views2 Replies

Hi everyone,


I hope you're doing well. I'm currently working on a project where I need to interface a fingerprint scanner with an ESP32 microcontroller. I'm encountering an issue when trying to run an example from the "DFRobot_ID809.h" library, specifically for fingerprint registration. The error message I'm getting is "communication with device failed, please check connection."


Here are some details about my setup:
- As per the documentation, I have successfully connected the fingerprint scanner to the ESP32 using wiring.
- I have successfully configured the baud rates.
- The power supply appears to be reliable.


I'm not sure what's causing this communication error. Has anyone else encountered a similar problem, or can you provide some guidance on how to troubleshoot and resolve this issue?


Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance! 

2023-09-25 17:19:16

Please follow the steps mentioned by Yeez_B. Also, check your jumper wires. 

userHeadPic lia.ifat
2023-09-22 17:06:16

1- Could you upload the I2C scanner code to see if the sensor is well connect on your ESP32?

I2C scanner for ESP32:


2- The sensor only tested under the FireBeetle ESP32, would you be able to use it on the FireBeetle ESP32?

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