MD1.3 2A Motor Driver and Code Not Working

userHead Bradley.Seo 2023-09-28 04:55:44 273 Views0 Replies

I have set everything up according to the DFRobot Forum. The only difference being is I am using an Arduino UNO, Arduino IDE and a 2200 mah 11.1V LiPo battery for the motor supply. I am reading a voltage of around 25 volts on the driver terminals, which should be sufficient, but when I upload the code to my Arduino UNO, the motors are not turning on. The driver says I have power to the board, but the motor LEDs are not lighting up and I have no power to the motor terminals. Here is my setup and code:








int E1 = 6;

int E2 = 5;

int M1 = 7;

int M2 = 4;


void setup(){

    pinMode(M1, OUTPUT);

    pinMode(M2, OUTPUT);



void loop(){

    int value;


        digitalWrite(M1, HIGH);

        digitalWrite(M2, HIGH);

        analogWrite(E1, value);

        analogWrite(E2, value);




Any help on why the motors aren't receiving any power would be greatly appreciated!