DfPlayer Pro autoplay

userHead RoniBandini 2023-10-06 03:42:35 325 Views2 Replies

How can I autoplay an mp3 in DFPlayer Pro? The jumper from key to gnd with 220k resistor does not seem to work. Thanks

2024-03-01 07:02:38

I too am hoping for a solution to this question. I have tried both suggestions (direct connect pins with no resister and check filenames) and neither resulted in the desired auto-play on power on.


I am able to start playing using AT commands, on-board physical button, and with connecting key to ground after pro is powered on.

userHeadPic Keith.Hart
2023-10-07 18:07:01



You could try to connect KEY and GND directly without the resistor, and check if it could play the music or not. 

If not working, you can check the file name.



The naming specification for FileNumber is determined by the order in which files are written to the DFPlayer PRO, as shown in the diagram below. The arrow numbers represent the write order.



userHeadPic Afra