Sensors for corrosive environment

userHead Isabelle.Charles 2023-10-13 11:01:54 227 Views0 Replies

I would like to create a autonomous monitoring system for a culture of spirulina in the following conditions:

Temperature between 30 and 40 °CEnvironment: salt water
Ph: 10


I'm looking for a temperature, humidity, PH, water level, salinity and light sensor.
I want those following sensors to be non-corrosive and able to be submerged in water in the long term:
temperature, PH, salinity and if possible water level.

For the temperature sensors, I was thinking of using the Platinum RTD Sensor - PT1000 OR PT100- 3 Wire 1 meter long.
For the humidity sensors: SHT35
For the PH sensor: Gravity: Analog pH Sensor - Meter Kit

Can you tell me if the following sensors are waterproof and can survive in a corrossive environment ?
If not, can you propose me sensors that are so.
Also, can you propose me sensors to measure the water level, salinity and light absorption rate of my culture?

Thank you in advance for your help!