EC meter DFR0300, error during calibration

userHead Lasse.Pedersen 2023-11-01 22:02:47 259 Views1 Replies



We have two EC meters, which fail during calibration. We are using the code found on the DFRobot wiki. When calibrating, the first solution is accepted, but whenever we try to get the point from the second solution, it always gives an error. Any ideas? 



2023-11-02 10:14:41


1, Please upload the EEPROM erase code on the bottom of the wiki before you calibrate the EC meter.


2, If that didn't work, please check the EC value in your second calibration:

Typically, the calibration value read will have an allowable range. I think you can make this sensor calibration successful by modifying the code in the library file .cpp.


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