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Bluno basic example Android app coding

userHead kirkvarra 2017-12-03 22:59:47 2817 Views1 Replies
I am not a programmer and have been trying to figure out how to reprogram the example Android app included in the bluno beetle documentation. What I need is very similar to what is already there. In the example you can send text back and forth between the Arduino IDE serial monitor and an Android phone. After connecting to the device. I only need one way communication. I need the bluno to send to the phone whether or not it's getting power. (And of course have the scan/connect button.) So the user connects to the unit with Bluetooth and on the screen are two circles one indicating the unit has power to it and the other one indicating there is no power to it. And some way for one of the two to be chosen like a check mark in it. If you guys could help you with this I would appreciate it. I have Android Studio installed. Not real sure how to take they're example source code and load it so I can edit it. And then I'm not sure how to edit it even
2017-12-12 13:47:53 This is some horrible support. I would t be buying anymore products here no matter the quality. userHeadPic kirkvarra