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Safe to Update & Upgrade LattePanda custom image Ubuntu 16.04 for Newer App Installations?

userHead xezi 2023-11-22 19:07:33 663 Views0 Replies



I've successfully downloaded and installed the Clonezilla live image (S70CR200…) on my LattePanda as per the instructions on the LattePanda website.

I've already done a lot of development regarding our application over the last months using this image.


Now I'm trying to install newer applications like Google Chrome and Chrome Remote Desktop, but I'm running into dependency issues on Ubuntu 16.04. 

They appear to not be easily met or solved, given the somewhat old 16.04 Ubuntu version.


My question is regarding the safety of performing a full system update and upgrade via apt. Since the LattePanda's custom image seems closely tied to its hardware, I'm concerned about potential compatibility issues post-upgrade. Could such an update adversely affect hardware functionalities, such as the Arduino integration or other unique features of the LattePanda?


Does it have known issues when going through a similar upgrade process on LattePanda V1? 

Any hardware compatibility issues or other problems as a result?


Any insights or experiences shared would be greatly appreciated.


Best regards,