Hardware selection help

userHead Owipex 2023-11-23 17:06:09 472 Views0 Replies

Dear lattepanda Team,


I am the Chief Developer at OWIPEX GmbH, based in Switzerland. Our company has been utilizing Raspberry Pi products in our machinery series. However, we are planning a significant machine and software refactoring, prompting us to consider upgrading to a more robust hardware system.


In our search for a suitable upgrade, we have discovered LattePanda. We believe that the LattePanda 3 Delta system aligns perfectly with our requirements and offers the potential for significant improvements in our applications.

We are currently in need of assistance in precisely defining the additional components for this system. Our requirements for the system include:

 LattePanda 3 Delta as the main Control ECUGPS and GSM 4G capabilitiesRS485 interfaceStandard WiFi connectivityBattery backup solution