DFPlayer Mini TimeOut

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a couple of years ago I bought a DFPlayer Mini, but never got around to play with it. Now, I have started to try to learn how to connect it to Arduino and then using the sample code provided here.


On a bread board, all is good and the player works as expected. I then bought 5 more and solded one on a test board. I loaded the two Arduinos with the same sample code, and I am using the same SD card in both. The ‘new’  DFPlayer Mini will not play, instead i get the serial output 

Initializing DFPlayer ...

DFPlayer Mini online.

Time Out!

and then, after the playing time of the song, the red led on the DFPlayer goes out and the message:

Number:6 Play Finished!



I have played around with setting the SetTimeOut to everything from 500 to 5000, and with no success.


How do I troubleshoot this error?



2024-03-28 14:57:47

Same issue here - still working on it, I tried a timeout of 50000 to see if it is getting the timeout value and yes it waits around longer.  Thinking it is either a voltage issue on the receive pin of the arduino nano or it can't communicate when a sound is playing.   After the timeout, the myDFPlayer.available() routine comes back with “not available” Will try to check it with the oscilloscope and with some very short files and delays between playnext etc to see if the timeout goes away.  Hoping I don't have to use a logic converter 5 to 3.3V.  Would be nice to get that working but if I don't find a solution soon I will just use the play next and previous pins via digital output pins on the arduino to select the file I want.

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