Sen0460 Air Quality not working correctly

userHead Nigel.Stephens 2023-11-28 20:45:19 295 Views1 Replies



I have had the SEN0460 for 2 months and just completed an Arduino with TFT and CSV logging. Unfortunately, the readings from the sensor are zero and do not compare to another handled device for the mass per cubic metre values.  I have low values of the particle count per litre, and got these up to 200-300 for 0.25 x 10^-6 m when a bus went by. In general the board does not seem to be reading correctly. I have used your standard code example and get the same range of values. 


The sensor has not been in contact with any water, high pollution, contaminants since new, having been kept in its box when not on my desk.


Do you have any suggestions?

2023-12-06 22:38:35


Please could a support engineer help?



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