Bluno Beetle to Bluno Beetle Communication

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Dear, Robot Overlords


I recently bought two Arduino Bluno beetles for a project and I wanted them to communicate to each other using bluetooth. The program Top.ino is able to send the string 330 to Bot.ino and it shows up in the serial monitor so it is definitely being received but I cannot seem to store that value in a variable, all the guides for bluetooth seem to use a phone in some way and that is something I can't do for this project. 

Serial.available() seems to never be called and I cannot type any messages into the serial monitor via arduino IDE when the two a connected via bluetooth. When I turn the Top arduino off however I can then type into the serial monitor and Serial.available() is called. 

P.S. The two 330 values in the Top arduino were quickly printed as it was connected to the other arduino, when it connected the messages in that monitor stopped.



2023-12-08 21:22:49

I forgot to add, how can I access the value I am receiving via bluetooth?

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