How to install Beats App on Unihiker?

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Hi everyone - I have been making  this project from RaniBandi, but I am having trouble installing Beats.


Unihiker TR-808 Drum Machine



I got all the rest installed/working, but 



This is the line I am having difficulty with: 


$ gem install beats


I was able to install Ruby and Beats on my Windows machine, but Its supposed to “live” on the Unihiker, right?


Thanks in advance!









2023-12-13 11:24:39

The following solution is from gpt-4-1106-preview and has been tested successfully:


Question: How do I install the Beats Drum Machine on a Unihiker device running Debian?


To install the Beats Drum Machine on your Unihiker device, follow these steps:

1. Update your package list:

  sudo apt-get update

2. Install Ruby:

  sudo apt-get install ruby-full

  This command will install Ruby along with its additional packages such as `ruby-dev`, `rubygems-integration`, and documentation.

3. Install RubyGems:

  RubyGems is typically included with Ruby, but if you need to install it separately, you would normally use:

  sudo apt-get install rubygems

  However, in this case, it seems that RubyGems is already included with the Ruby installation.

4. Install build-essential:

  sudo apt-get install build-essential

  This will ensure you have the necessary compiling tools installed, which may be needed for some Ruby gems with native extensions.

5. Install the Beats gem:

  sudo gem install beats

  This command fetches and installs the Beats gem and its dependencies, such as `wavefile`.

6. Verify the installation:

  gem list beats

  Running this command should show you that the `beats` gem is now installed.



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