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userHead Oliver.Polden 2023-12-20 22:00:09 168 Views2 Replies

I would like to require a password to login to the Unihiker shell/home when starting up. How can I do this?

2024-01-17 13:43:46


In UNIHIKER, the system is set up to automatically log in to the root account upon startup, and then the UI starts automatically. If you want to disable the automatic login on boot, you can edit the file `/etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf` and remove the `root` from `autologin-user=root`. After restarting, you will need to manually enter the login account. However, this action requires plugging in a keyboard to the UNIHIKER for input, so it's not recommended.

You can stop the UI by using the command `systemctl --user stop PyboardUI`. To prevent the UI from auto-starting on boot, you can modify the `/root/.xsessionrc` file.

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LL wrote:

To disable the UI from automatically starting up with the system, remove the line `systemctl --user start PyboardUI` from the `/root/.xsessionrc` file.

2024-01-17 13:49:05
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