Beetle BLE

userHead anonymous 2017-12-13 07:04:14 2881 Views3 Replies
Is there a motor shield to use with the BLE ? For a dc motor 12 volt with BT variable speed control and direction.

Also is there any Arduino sketch for variable speed, with 2 buttons to change direction ?

Charles Harris
2017-12-19 16:16:54 You can have a look of one of the product fire wheel, it uses Romeo BLE mini, you can get some idea about how to use this board by its wiki. userHeadPic robert.chen
2017-12-18 09:30:46 Hi
I have now purchased a Romeo BLE Mini which I will get in 2 weeks or so.
I would like an example script that uses the BT and motor options. The example with documents has a good tutorial using only the Arduino and not BT. BT is as per Bluno. I am a learner and would like the script using BT. I have no experience with BT.
That is I need to know for the sketch how to tell to use BT etc.
Is there a library of example scripts for Romeo BLE Mini ?
Thanks for your help and recommendation to use Romeo
Charles Harris
userHeadPic anonymous
2017-12-14 14:38:26 There is still no motor shield for Beetle BLE, but if you want motor drive, BLE and small dimension, then you can use Romeo BLE mini, and the wiki of the board may give you some idea about using 2 buttons to control the speed and the direction userHeadPic robert.chen