DFR0665 backlight off and sleep

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i use a FireBeatle ESP32-E DFR0654 with TFT display DFR0665 und use the GDL library under Arduino. Display works but:


How can i turn off backlight off and set the display in sleep mode? i can´t find any sample to do it.



2024-01-11 18:50:38

next update


on the display there is a transistor for enable/disable backlight. i removed the 10K resistor (pullup) and now the backlight turned off.


now i have in deep sleep (ESP and display) 400µA. without display i have 40µA



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chriskarstx wrote:

I’ve been struggling with the same issue with the DFR0669. It’s not clear to me which resistor you’re describing. Looking at the wiring diagram, I can see that it’s R21for me, R11 on the display you have, but cannot find it on the actual display. 

Have you noticed any adverse effects from removing the resistor like accidental BL pin activation? Surely, it was there for a reason.

2024-03-24 00:19:26
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the sleep of the display is now working. i included the function sleep in the library. in this function i call sendCommand(0x10)


turn off backlight is not working. pin BL of display is connected to pin 12 of the ESP32. when i set this pin to low and go in deep sleep the pin has a voltage of 0.9V and display backlight is on.


any ideas?   

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