When DFR0470-ENT will be shipped?

userHead Account cancelled 2017-12-20 21:42:00 3804 Views1 Replies

I ordered DFR0470-ENT (LattePanda - 4GB/64GB with Enterprise License) but my order is in "back ordered" state.
When the DFR0470-ENTwill back in stock and ship?
In, DFRobot Support(@dfrobot) sais that
Vlad Kh [21 days ago]
> Hi ,
> When you will have it in stock?

DFRobot Support:
> About in two weeks
What's the date today?

2017-12-21 15:40:50 We do have some in stock this December, but there also some customers waiting in line for the order which placed the order before you. The new batch will be in stock again in January.
Sorry for your inconvenience.
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